Let’s get down in the kitchen !

Alex Bala in Bright orange shirt standing but the stove.

We are in this together! I’LL show you how to make fun, quick and delicious show stopping meals.

Hello and welcome! I’m Alex Bala, a self-taught home chef and food photographer. Everything that you’ll find on my page is created from the heart with family and friends in mind. I have appeared on Netflix cooking competition, Easy-Bake Battle. My recipes have been featured By Bachans and more . My menu is created to fit any level of home chef. I am a teacher at heart and I want everyone to feel confident in their abilities after making one of my meals.

The Kitchen is my love and food is my love language. I want my family and friends to walk away with a happy and full belly. No half stepping here, I am not afraid to add butta and flava to any and all dishes I prepare!


Family picture with kids and husband in it.

Hi, I’m Alex!

I’m a Wife and Mother to 3 beautiful little boys. I have been happily married to my husband Andre for 10 years. We have made a home in beautiful Colorado. I am native to Colorado and have loved being able to raise my family here. I was a colligate gymnast at Utah State University where I competed all four years, during that time I earned my Bachelor’s degree and Masters Degree in Exercise Science. My husband was a college football player and I hooked him with my cooking. He hasn’t left my table since that first meal of Fried Catfish with Red Beans and Rice.

My love of cooking started at a very young age. I “lived” in the kitchen under my grandparents, aunts, mothers and fathers. They developed my cooking foundation. From learning how to cut up a whole chicken at the age of 8, to being in charge of several Thanksgiving day dishes. I knew my place was important, because everyone was fed and enjoying delicious food with the family. You could say my foundation is in Soul Food naturally, but I also love exploring and making ALL styles of cuisine, from Asian to Italian to Kid Cuisine!

Keenan, Malcolm and Jaylen are my world. They keep me honest and on my toes at all times. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m running them to activities, Speech therapy, doing homework, and again cooking for them! Somehow it all revolves around the kitchen. They love to be in the kitchen right by my side. I feel it’s important for them to learn early about kitchen safety and kitchen basics. These skills will last a lifetime and help them lead happy healthy lives. You will have to check out my Kid Cuisine category dedicated to them!


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I am so glad that you are here and I look forward to you being a part of my foodie family!