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Top 15 Best Vegetarian Holiday Side Dishes

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It’s that time of year and everyone is scrambling to get their menus together. Let us not forget about our vegetarian friends that might join us during the holidays. It is right here that you are going to find the top 15 best vegetarian holiday side dishes. These dishes are something that everyone will enjoy!

Add The Top 15 to Your Perfect Menu

We are all looking for that perfect menu that suites all taste buds. I know for myself I have staples that I cannot live without! The traditions have to be passed along some way right. Each year I try to make a goal for myself to switch up the menu to make sure that I am not getting stale. Adding a new spin on a recipe or even trying a completely different recipe is a great option. In this post you will find some fresh ideas to add to your menu perfect for EVERYONE!

Pro Tips for Planning During the Holidays

Plan Ahead

Take 20 minutes to write out your menu top to bottom. Drinks, Appetizers, Mains, Sides and Desserts. This will ensure that you have something ready for each category.

Order or Shop Ahead of Time

You don’t want to be the one who shows up at the store the day before the big day and they’ve ran out of butter. Imagine the disappointment. You can order from your local grocery store or amazon, Starting the first of the month, each week buy something that you might need so and throw it in the freezer or pantry. Most items that are not produce or specialty cheeses will last at least 3 weeks if kept properly.

Make Ahead

You can plan to make certain holiday dishes days in advance, so that on the big day you are not scrambling to get everything put together. Items like macaroni and cheese, casseroles, dressing, pies, cakes and more. Less stress more fun!

Ask for Help

If you are hosting, delegate others to bring something to the party. Someone should bring drinks, appetizers, sides dishes and or desserts. You don’t want to be stuck fitting the bill for the entire party. Make sure they let you know what they are bringing so you do not repeat a dish. Remember even though you are hosting, you don’t have to do everything!

Top 15 Best Vegetarian Holiday Side Dishes

If you have been searching for the Best Vegetarian Holiday Side Dishes for your friends, look no further! I have gathered some of the most reviewed and highly recommended side dishes form vegetarian and vegan experts. Have fun exploring all of the options that are to come!

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